003 – A Pile of Mushrooms with Sauerkraut

I’ve recently been loving this salad creation my girlfriend has come up with that includes mushrooms and sauerkraut.

It’s so good.

This salad puts the Garden Bar to shame.  I’m afraid they will get wind of this salad and start scaling my walls, four stories up, to look in my window when I’m not paying attention and steal this recipe.

The other ingredients in the salad I already enjoy in my diet: spinach, carrots, zucchini, nuts, fruit, olive oil, balsamic, salt, but not so much with the mushrooms and sauerkraut.  So, this week, I decided to pickup some mushrooms and sauerkraut for myself and today I tried making the salad for the first time.

The thing that really took me by surprise is how much food just 3 mushrooms turns out to be.  After I cut them up I had a pile of mushrooms that could have been a salad all by themselves.

The salad turned out fabulous!  It tasted delicious and not too many mushrooms after all.  Thank you to my teacher!


  1. Looks so tasty and healthy. Love the ingredients except for zucchini. Never heard of sauerkraut in a salad but would definitely try.

    Chopping is a great practice for the Beginner’s Mind as your already well aware. I find morning showers after rising to be the hardest as my mind can’t let go of problem solving and planning the day to be physically present.

    BTW, The “LIke” action from a follower does not work.


    1. I highly recommend the sauerkraut.

      I find trying to let go of problem solving and planning is very difficult until I’ve been in meditation for at least 30 mins .. then I can usually let go of thinking and planning for about 12 seconds at time 🙂

      Unfortunately, the default “like” system only works for logged in users of WordPress. I think because you have a gravatar, you have an account. You simply need to be logged in and the “like” button will work.


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