004 – Balance

Oh balance, how elusive you can be.

I’m still ruminating on my goals for the year and I’m thinking a lot about how to blog, what to blog about, when to blog, how much to blog … blog, blog, blog.

I have all these thoughts racing around in my head about it and I keep wondering should I write about that?  Should I write about this?  Does it fit? … Blerg!

I wonder how do I keep my balance in this and still keep up my other hobbies like eating, sleeping and working?

At some point in my life I learned that when things orbit the Earth, they are actually falling the whole time.  They just keep missing, over and over again until, one day, they get too close and fall right into the atmosphere and burn up or hit the ground.

Riding a bike is this way too.  Always falling one way or the other, but it has the illusion of balance because of all the adjustments that happen are so fast and so small.  Is balance just an illusion?

I think sometimes I want to think that balance is the same as stability and stability would be comfortable and easy.  Stable things usually don’t move, though.   Not moving means not changing.  Not changing for things that are alive, like myself, probably means I’m dead.  Blerg.

Think I’ll keep moving and changing and find the balance in making consistent, small and fast adjustments.



  1. Love your blog on balance. And particularly on whether a state of balance is illusive and maintainable. CM, my yoga instructor, says you should never try to hold a pose as it’s impossible. It’s like trying to freeze a moment in time. Perhaps the same could be said for balance. Maybe the goal is resilience to handle the inevitable bumps and falls with wisdom and compassion. But is that just a different unreachable goal or state?

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  2. Resilience and balance go hand in hand. It is the daily accommodations like the frequent, small adjustments to stay upright on a bike. It’s the letting go into a yoga pose to be with and accept what is today. It is trust in Life and goodness.

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