006 – Symmetry

Symmetry is one of my favorite kinds of photography. Lovely how the water on the street of this grey, drizzly morning offered up a chance to capture it.

Snapped this on my walk home from the dentist where I went to have them look at the work they did before Christmas. I had a crack in a tooth and they did a filling to fix it. The crack, they speculate, came from eating something hard.

I have been eating things that are hard all my life. Why now?

“Happens sometimes when you get older”


Anyway, some of my favorite photography captures symmetry in cityscapes and architecture. A photo can have a way of providing a perspective of it while cutting out the noise that our eyes seem unable to attain.

It’s another day that started with rain and has turned into a nice day with mild temps and some afternoon sun. I don’t know if that counts as symmetry, but damn, it sure is beautiful.



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