007 – Wave

Today, I found some time to practice my yoga and jazz tune of the month.

One of the coolest things I’ve learned from my yoga practice is how to make my breath sound like waves crashing on the beach.  How awesome is that?  To be transported instantly to beach just by closing my eyes and breathing must be one of the most magical tricks I know.

Connecting movement with the breath, again, we are asked to invoke the image of a wave by watching the movement start in the belly and roll up into the chest and expand.  Exhaling reverses the wave.

I love that about yoga.  Simple and beautiful and grounding.  Seems to connect us to some ancient wisdom about the earth and nature and our place in it.

My current jazz study includes learning a “tune of the month” from an online site I subscribe to.  This month, the tune is Wave, by Anonio Carlos Jobim.  A gorgeous Bossa nova recorded in 1967.  I’m hopeful I can learn it in a month 🙂

The photo was taken while I was setting up for my practice session today.   I do love taking pictures of the guitar.

The tune has some inspiring and beautiful lyrics, too.

“By now we know
The wave is on its way to be
Just catch the wave don’t be afraid of loving me
The fundamental loneliness goes
Whenever two can dream a dream together”

-Anonio Carlos Jobim


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