008 – Clean Headphones

I had to pull out my backup pair of headphones this morning.   My other pair have gone missing.

I wonder how many pairs of headphones I’ve purchased in my life so far?

Perhaps my headphones just disappeared, by magic.  Perhaps there really are headphone-gnomes and they are stealing my headphones as part of an evil plot to rule the world.  Perhaps my kids, who have been known to walk off them, stole them and misplaced them.  Perhaps, as I’ve been known to do, I was convinced that they had taken them and lost them, again, only to be stymied by finding them hidden in a coat pocket later.

Perhaps …

However, at the moment, they are still MIA and lucky for me I have a backup pair.  They are the old kind that now only good for everything except my iPhone.

What caused me to take a picture of them this morning was the fact that my emotions were elevated over the missing pair but also because I noticed that the headphones were completely full of ear-wax.   I’m not saying that I don’t have ear-wax.   I’m also not saying that my kids don’t clean their ears.  I’m just saying .. it’s all rather suspect to me.

I also cleaned these headphones completely before I took the picture.

You’re welcome.





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