011 – Life is Short

Some wise person once said:

“Life is Short

Eat Cookies

for Breakfast”

– Anonymous

I found this cookie, donated by one of my neighbors and available for anyone to take, this morning while getting a cup of coffee.   One of the nicest things about where I live is the coffee they make every morning for the building from 5am to 11am.  It’s delicious and I love this part of living in an apartment building.  This was the last cookie and there are many people in my building.  I took that as a sign that I should not pass this opportunity up and so I took the cookie.

While I ate this delicious cookie and recounted how grateful I am to live in this building, I thought about how funny it is that it’s so perfectly reasonable to occasionally have pancakes with loads of syrup and even whipped cream, or donuts, or danishes for breakfast, but a cookie is somehow not the same.

It is the same.

And, life is short.

And today, I’m eating a cookie for breakfast.


  1. A cookie for breakfast is perfectly reasonable! In fact, most days I enjoy a biscotti with my morning coffee. Feels less indulgent when you do it the Italian way!

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