013 – Choices

Indecision may or may not be my problem.

– Jimmy Buffett

The weather in Portland was absolutely stunning for a January day.  The afternoon saw 60F and blue skies and lots of folks on the downtown river walk where my girlfriend and I enjoyed an afternoon stroll.

Still on the lookout for compositions that play with color I thought I might find something worthy with the bridges and river and blue sky so bright.   As a secondary goal, I wanted to simply capture some of the walk in an interesting way so I’d at least have some material to work with later for this post.

Well, it turned out that I found more than a few shots that I really like and choosing a single photo proved pretty difficult today.

So I didn’t.  I did pick the color composition to feature today, but I couldn’t resist showing some of the other images from the walk.

The featured photo highlights some complementary colors that I think look fantastic together.  This piece lives on the west side of the Tilikum bridge.

These next two benefit from some beautiful backlighting and feature a bit of the city in the background.  Not sure what these cottony plants are called, but they popped out at me as we walked past them.  I really dig backlit plants and flowers.

These final shots are actually the first photos I took.   I felt better having at least something to show for the walk in case finding another subject proved difficult.   Little did I know.   Happy Saturday!


  1. Your awareness of everyday sights and attention to color, light and shadows makes for wonderful discoveries. Just what makes a Saturday walk in the sun a stroll.


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