015 – Transit Score

Today, I bought a Portland public transportation deal that includes an annual PDX Streetcar pass, an annual BikeTown pass and a $100 Hop FastPass that covers fair on the buses and trains.  A screaming good deal for me, as I live in an area of the city with a transit score of 89%.  I am actually surprised it’s not 100%.

In honor of my new weekly challenge to use the full manual modes in interesting ways to capture photos, I chose to try and catch the streetcars and trains right outside my building moving.  It’s a tricky shot to get and requires a slower shutter speed, moving the camera at the same speed as the subject and some luck.

I wish the streetcar was more in focus and the background blurred just slightly more because I love the feel and composition of this one.

Another attempt, with a better background and cool looking train, but still not in focus.

Lastly, a different streetcar, maybe slightly better focus?  I’m not sure.  I prefer the overall feel of the featured photo from the set.

What do you think?


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