017 – Dirty Reflection

Some days just feel more dirty and seem to have a lack of clarity to them.

Today was one of the those days.   Things felt a little more challenging all day.  Dealing with my emotions was tough during parts of my day.   Context switching at work brought with it a frustrating lack of progress.   Finding something noteworthy to photo seemed illusive or yielded unsatisfactory results.   Writing this post has been more painful than usual.  It rained today and it’s still winter.  Man life can be unsatisfying.

Maybe the challenge is good for me.  Maybe it’s getting thru the harder times that make the easier times feel better.  Things will change and maybe it’s just a matter a perspective.

Sometimes, life can feel a bit like a dirty reflection.  Not quite clean.  Not quite clear.   Like this self portrait I took on a whim.  This is me reflected in my dirty laptop screen.  This is where I spend a lot of my days.   I actually kinda like the way this photo turned out.   It happens to capture my day quite well and the look and feel are quite pleasing to me.

I guess, some days, it’s easy and clear and some days it’s something else.

Then again,

Even in a dirty reflection

Sometimes beauty

Can be

– Me


  1. Your best blog to date. A courageous reflection on how your really feeling today in the flow of time. It’s not good or bad it just is and you captured it perfectly. I wish I had your courage to really feel the moment and let it go.

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