018 – It’s Enough

“He who would travel happily must travel light.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Adventure abroad awaits!  Tomorrow, I travel to Japan for the first time and I’m beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity to see and experience this new place.

I’m taking very little for a two week trip and everything I have fits nicely into a new 31L travel backpack I’m trying for the first time.

After packing once, some slightly anxious deliberation and a bit of expert advice from my lovely traveling companion, I believe I’ve found an ideal set of items that will meet my needs and fit nicely into my bag.

Historically, my packing procedures where not all that refined and I used a giant suitcase to fit all of the stuff that I mostly never used.   When traveling in the past, I’d always found it a bit ironic that I could pack so much into a giant suitcase and wear so little of it for the entire trip.

I think maybe that’s part of the secret to happiness.

Want little.

Be ok with what you got.

And, know …

It’s enough.

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  1. Traveling light does not come easily as i can readily attest. You have the best traveling companion and the right frame of mind. We wish you the wonderful and exciting adventure we know you will have. Happy Birthday with all our Love!

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