019 – Timewarp

Personally, I love flying. I have always loved the perspective of the Earth from up here.

I enjoy the take off and landing, over cities, when you are close enough to ground to see the geography. It’s facinating. It looks so different.

A little higher up, I also really love the patterns that the streets and buildings begin to make that are only visible from this angle.

Even higher up, way above the clouds, the roundness of the planet can be perceived. It’s so beautiful and I love how, when it’s light out, it’s always so clear.

It’s amazing to me that we have figured out how to put a bunch of people in a tube with wings and launch them around the globe through air that is so cold and thin and the farther you go the more fun the time change is to deal with.

There is a 17 hour time difference where I’m going, so I’ll be missing nearly a whole day on the way and gaining the day back when I return. Somehow, it seems like maybe I get to skip jet lag by putting a day on hold and getting it back on the return trip. I’m not sure if my theory will hold up or not.

I’m operating on very little sleep right now due to my tardy bedtime last night and early alarm. Luckily, I’m well fed and warm and about to take a long nap.

Next stop: Japan

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