020 – House of the Setting Sun

The first day in Tokyo is a short one. We just arrived a couple of hours ago and already the sun is setting. We were lucky to catch a little of it from the train on our way from the airport to our first hotel.

Because I’m losing a day, I’m posting my second photo within the same 24 hours to account for January 20th, which just started back home. Tomorrow morning in Japan will be the 21st and I want to be able to reference the day as it is during my stay instead of trying to do timezone math every day.

It’s been a long day of travel and all is well. I had my first authentic Ramen and I am set to get some sleep. So excited for what this trip will bring next. It’s my birthday on the 21st after all.

Good night all!

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  1. To be catapulted in time and wake up on the other side of our planet is certainly a grand way to begin a wonderful adventure. And then to wake on your birth day is even one better!

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