021 – An Unforgettable Birthday

This day was kinda unbelievable.

It started early with a 44 minute meditation, in honor of my years on this Earth, and continued with a beautiful sunrise in Tokyo and walk around the emperial palace. Be sure to stay off the grass. Don’t ask me how I know that …

The weather was absolutely super all day. A bit cool before sunrise but the air was clean and the sky was clear.

This morning really got started at a Daybreaker event for morning Yoga and a dance party. This event made me feel like I had my very own birthday dance party. It was a blast.

For lunch we took some time to enjoy the local cusine and eat cake. For extra points, had to have the cake first and come back for lunch after the line died down a bit.

The evening was spent at the bathhouse and China Town for dinner.

What a brilliant day. I could not have planned a day like this. It just unfolded.

To my loving companion: Thank you so much for all your contributions to this most wonderful and unforgettable birthday. Thank you, darling.

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous and unforgettable way to celebrate your Birthday! A memory that will last a life time. The best gifts don’t come with ribbons and bows.

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