031 – Iconic

Before I left for Japan I drew a picture of this iconic view of Mt. Fuji. Today I got to snap a photo .. more like 50 photos of this beautiful mountain from as many views and compositions as I could find. In the end, none tops this famous view with the Shinto Pagoda shrine beside it. The thing my shot is missing is the cherry blossoms.

I’ll have to come back for that.

Early in my software development career, I learned of an infamous, and now iconic, interview question that was started at Microsoft, if I recall correctly. The question is,

“How do you move Mt. Fuji?”

It was a daunting question to young inexperienced me. I spent some time learning about this and other questions like it in my preparations for those first interviews. I never did get asked the question.

Anyway, after all these years, I think I found a pretty good answer today.



  1. Your picture with the pagoda is breathtaking! And your Mt. Fuji story made me laugh out loud! I am loving this blog so much. I’ll be a bit sad when you leave Japan. I’ve like your Japan much more than mine!

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