032 – Virtue in Rest

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

Alan Cohen

Today I felt I needed to rest.

I awoke with a tired and slightly sore body.   From walking.  A lot.  I’m guessing.

After working this morning I set out to find some food and go for a soak in at an Onsen place I found recommended on the internets.  This one has indoor and outdoor pools, something I was looking for and had yet to experience here.   I’ve had it in my mind ever since I heard of these magical little places that they predominantly existed around gardens and/or had some exposure to the outside …

I also didn’t know it snowed in Japan.

Japan: 2, Me: 0

I have found these little soaking houses to be extraordinary places to relax and rest and they also serve as a functional place to get clean and groom oneself, with lots of space, never ending hot water and plenty of bathroom accoutrements.

So that’s what I did today …

Also, I had a latté.  It made for a much prettier picture than a bunch of naked Japanese men.  Plus, I hear they frown on taking photos at the Onsen …

It’s not relaxing, I suppose.



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