033 – Real Oregonians Hate Umbrellas

It’s a grey day in Tokyo …

It started with some snow and rain and stopped around lunch time and it stayed grey.

Everyone seems to have umbrellas in Tokyo.  Thousands of umbrellas mostly clear, white, black or dark blue.  Every now and again a nice colored one will pop out.

When I moved to Oregon from Colorado, where I never used an umbrella due to the 300+ days of sunshine, I heard that “real Oregonians don’t use umbrellas”.   I’m not sure where I heard that.   I liked the idea though.  I also found from experience that it really rarely rains hard enough for very long to need one in Oregon …

So, I never bought one.  Most Oregonians don’t use them.

I still never use one.  Not even in Tokyo.

I don’t hate umbrellas though …

Like this orange one with red butterflies.  It is quite beautiful how it stands out in this uncharacteristically black and white section of Shibuya.

I like this umbrella.


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