038 – Morning Commute

The longest commute I’ve ever had to do was 6 miles.   Most of my career it’s been under 4 miles and I’ve been able to bike or take public transportation a good deal of that time.

Portland traffic is starting to get real bad, so I’m even more happy about my current commute.  Most days I walk from my meditation pillow to my table … about 4 feet.

I also have an office in town right at the end of this highway.   I think you can see part of it through the trees on the left.  I walk to the office when we all meet there for face time in about 12 minutes or take the streetcar for about 10 min … I choose to work from home most of the time because I can eat my own food and I can also take a quick nap if I need to, as I will be today.  I’m still not sleeping right and I only slept an hour last night.  That’s not enough sleep, but I did get outside in time for this light show during the morning commute.



  1. I always had problems and usually coming home from Asia. Some trips it take several days before I feel myself again. You don’t know what you got til it’s gone as the song goes.

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