043 – Song In My Head

“I got a song in my head.

I got a song in my head.

I got a song in my head.

And it keeps me going.

When you feel like you just can’t take it.

Walls are tumbling down It’s too much and then you just can’t make it.

Then that song comes around.

It’s getting louder.

It’s getting louder.

It’s getting louder.”

– The String Cheese Incident

In case you are unfamiliar, The String Cheese Incident is not actually an instance of something happening with some stringy dairy product, but a well known Colorado “jam band”.

I’ve never actually read the lyrics to this song before.  I know it as a raucous, energetic song that gets you moving if you’re the dancing type, as I am.   For me, this song always had more of happy message, but apparently this song may be more about the craziness of having a song stuck in your head …

This morning, I picked up some flowers for my darling partner who came home today.  They deserved a photo and when I put the flowers next to my music, to get some better light, the scene had me instinctively singing, “I got a song in my heart .. but, when I sing those words it sounds like the String Cheese song.   My version is some kind of combination of this String Cheese song and an old classic, With a Song in My Heart. I don’t actually know the older song, but it stands to reason that there would be one or two to express the sentiments that I’m actually feeling of love and gratitude for a long awaited and happy home coming.

Welcome home, darling …

Glad you are back.

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