049 – Snow and Sunday Brunch

“I don’t make French Toast often,

But when I do …

I post a picture of it.”

– me

The alarm went off way too early, 5:30 am, because I forgot to unset it.


After a cup of coffee and some toast with almond butter and banana, cinnamon and salt (a local favorite) …

We actually decided to try to go back to sleep for a little bit …

Alas, no more sleep was to be had …

Instead, we just laid …

And after a little while, the morning light began to shine thru the window to reveal a pretty little snow flurry.

It was brief and beautiful and wonderful.

Watching the snow fall in the quiet comfort of warm, loving companionship made the early morning alarm snafu seem like some kind of divine intervention.

Later, after more coffee, a short sit and while sipping a blueberry smothie, the French Toast idea began to solidify in my mind.

A few short minutes of cooking later and …


Brunch is served …

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