059 – Rising Expectations

Ironically, the more I practice the higher my expectations on myself become and the harder it can be to keep up the practice.

Unrealistic expectations have caused me trouble before and, I’m pretty sure they will again, if I give them too much care and feeding.

So today, good enough, needs to be good enough.

This morning, my calendar reminded of an appointment I had scheduled at 8 AM.

At precisely 8 AM, my calendar told me I was supposed to be across the river … at 8 AM … like, right now!


– Ralphie, A Christmas Story

Luckily, the appointment was close by and, after some light scrambling, I arrived with adequate time to get what I needed out of the appointment.

Good enough.

The appointment happened to be up in the West hills with this beautiful view of the river, the sky tram and an overcast Eastside.

So, I snapped a photo.  Turns out, that’s the only photo I took today.

Good enough.


    1. Thanks! I spent more time than I anticipated writing about not having time to write 🙂 .. I mean it’s about the photos too … it’s hallenging balancing it all with life photography and writing and wanting to do it all well all the time.

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  1. Yes, I can well appreciate the balancing act and the challenges of your blog. The real power of photography as with all art is in the feelings it creates. Does one’s contemplation drive photo selection or do photos taken drive one’s contemplation? What about creativity and spontaneity?
    You blog about “good enough” could be a theme for a week. At any rate, your question of “good enough” touched a nerve.

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