060 – Right Now, It’s Like This

“Ajahn Sumedho is a prominent figure in the Thai Forest Tradition.  His teachings are very direct, practical, simple, and down to earth.  His most consistent advice can be paraphrased as to see things the way that they actually are rather than the way that we want or don’t want them to be (“Right now, it’s like this…”).”

– Wikipedia – Ajahn Sumedho

I started the day with a small lack of sleep and I’m feeling about the same as it draws to an end.  Even though I had some moments of alertness throughout the day, it was a long day filled mostly with work.

Not too much else to report, except …

Right now, it’s like this

And, good night.


  1. Hey Chris! I like your haircut. I look forward to your posts everyday. Loved the dancer 👯‍♀️post of Ella. Loved the beautiful red rose 🌹 and also the wilted dead rose🥀 Hope you get rested before your next big international trip! When do you fly away✈️? I look forward to another collection of photos from Holland!

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  2. To befriend and be with what really is without instinctively acting to remedy, distract or escape is indeed a challenge. I believe that’s mindfulness at it’s core. The reward as I understand is to then consciously live one’s Life out of a deeper sense of acceptance, compassion and understanding. All much harder to put into practice then to intellectualize. Our ego and unconscious patterns of behavior are strong opposing forces.

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