063 – And the Oscar Goes to …

The Portland Timber’s season opener is on TV tonight …

So is the Oscars …

I don’t subscribe to cable TV, so, I use the TV in my apartment’s common space to watch Timber’s games, when I can.  Sometimes, other people are watching something else …

Oh, the Oscars is on TV tonight?!

I forgot that was happening today …


On the plus side, I went for a run this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, despite a little wind.   I ran over the bridge, down the waterfront path and through the Portland Saturday Market (open on Sundays too) and passed the Statue Guy.

Statue Guy stands still, like a statue on his box, not moving at all.  If you give him money, he comes to life and does some amazing things with his hands and some small, glass balls in a dazzling and mesmerizing way.  His movements resemble a robot that animates when a coin drops in his machine.  It’s real life theater.

I went back later in the day to try and get some photo’s of people running on waterfront  and instead I got a couple of the Statue Guy waiting to catch his train home.

I think his show is Oscar-worthy, even when he’s just sitting, waiting for the train.

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