067 – Howda Hangout

Here are the keys to our place in Gouda or the “Howda Hangout”, as it was dubbed.

Gouda is pronounced Howda in Dutch. So, when we combine some Dutch and English together, we come up with some fun alliteration, Howda Hangout.

Silly? Maybe? Funny? Absolutely!

This afternoon, I did a brief walk into the center of Gouda for a quick bite and it rained on me. Now I’m finishing up my work day.

This day feels strangly familiar …

Hopefully, we can do a little more exploring tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.


  1. I like the wooden shoe with tulips and a windmill. Netherlands is the land of beautiful tulips but also the historical, tulip bulb market crash of 1637. An excessive exuberance for even a flower can lead to a bubble and then a crash.

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