068 – Gouda Travels

Highlights from our travels around Gouda.

The largest cross shaped church in The Netherlands is here in Gouda and the church starts to peek out from behind the shops in town as you stroll into the city center from the East.

Making our way down the street, the first of many cheese shops, selling their famous cheese among many others, begs a visit.  The cheese wheels in this place are enormous and they have many, many samples out to try.


As we enter the center square, the space opens wide to reveal this magnificent old building that used to be city hall.   It has a beautiful clock with a frequent little show of mechanical chimes and puppets on the lower, right corner of the building.  Now, it caters to events of all kinds and has a restaurant in the lower level on the backside.

After lunch, we ate desert.  I’ve had these little waffle and syrup sandwiches before here in Holland, but not warm and fresh like these.



Walking away from the center, the familiar canals lead us out and past another very large, beautiful church.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Middleberg with a trek down into Belgium for the evening.

More waffles!!





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