103 – Friday the 13th

Frazzled and groovy is how I feel today.

I’ve been working on a new project for the last few days and there is ton of new stuff to learn.  I enjoy learning new things and I can really get into it, especially if I’m well rested and feeling groovy, as I am.

My process for learning new things is to start by building something small to get a feel for it and then add to it.  Usually, I have something in mind I’m shooting for that is too complex to jump straight to it, so I need to learn small bits at a time and build up to it.  Each new thing I learn and successfully build brings with it a sense of accomplishment and energy that keeps me going on to the next thing.

Sometimes, I can get distracted into learning something only tangentially affiliated with my main purpose.

Sometimes, I can make a lot of progress and things just work.

Sometimes, I can get stuck on something and I’m not be able to figure out why it’s not working or a way around it for long time.  I don’t give up very easily and I can spend a lot of time seemingly not making any progress at all.  Often, when a breakthrough finally does come, what seemed like frustrating waste of time is all of sudden a very valuable lesson of some kind.  This ultimately leads to feeling groovy again and on we go.

Learning is fun like that and it’s also time consuming and can be dangerous to my health if I’m not not focused and disciplined in taking breaks, eating food and drinking water, at least.

Feeling Groovy + New Stuff To Learn + Positive Feedback = Feeling Groovy

I either need to break the cycle on my own, in a healthy mindful way or I will burnout eventually.

Today, I choosing the healthy mindful way.   I’ve done enough and I’m frazzled, for sure, and I’m feeling groovy.


  1. “Slow down, you move too fast You got to make the morning last Just kicking down the cobble stones Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.”

    Thanks for this blast from my past. I mean, really, FEELIN’ GROOVY? Don’t hear that phrase much anymore. There is nothing quite like feelin’ groovy. I’ve been feeling it lately, too. Is it spring? Kathryn’s gig tonight was wonderful. Bordering on groovy. At times.

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  2. I too love the “59th Street Bridge Song”. It’s one of the best feel good songs. Sometimes all ones needs is a song to totally change up the mood. I like your thoughts on disciplined breaks even when the mind doesn’t want to let go.

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