104 – A Very Good Day

The Timber’s season opener was tonight.

I happen to be there after my initial plan to watch at a local sports bar was deterred by the simultaneous broadcast of the Blazer’s game. I am not a big basketball guy and even tho there were two small screens with the game on, the volume was not, and the crowd was thick.

With 5 minutes before the start of both games, I decided to take the train 15 minutes to the stadium and see if I could get cheap ticket.

Turns out when you are late and tickets are still around on the street, a good deal can be had and into the game I went.


The only problem with going into the home opener game late, with a general admission seat, is that despite the Blazer’s game, this is a soccer city and everyone was there. Full house. The seats I landed in would be ok if you don’t mind having a whole corner of the field obstructed.

My distress call was answered and I found some friends with much better seats and a little room for me.


The Timber’s were already up 2-0 by the time I got to my seats. I was in the stadium when they happened, so …


They went on to win their first game of the season after a 4-1 lead was changed to 3-2 when our goal was overturned and a few minutes later we scored on ourselves. At that point I actually got confused and I thought the game was tied for a good 10 minutes before my friend reminded me that the scoreboard was correct.


I don’t even need to say it.

This day was already a winner well before the Timber’s escapade.

I had a nice long sit today, did some exercise, had a great guitar practice session and played around with a making a nice dark back background to get flowers to really pop.

What do you think?

Yeah that’s right … #winning


  1. Love the flowers! They really do pop and float! Glad you got into the game! Isn’t Portland great? Basketball and soccer at the same time!

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  2. Each day is like playing soccer, you have to give it your best shot. And some days the shot really comes up a winner. But either way, being in the game makes the day pop with gratitude.

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