105 – A Gray and Purple Letter Day

My youngest daughter earned her high school athletic Letter today from the Dance team.

When I googled Lettermen, expecting to find information on how sexist that name is, I learned that it is, to my surprise, not gender- specific.

Well then …

Moving right along.

The title of my post is a play on, A Red Letter Day, in case you missed it. That phrase prompted some additional research into it’s meaning.

Interestingly, its roots go back to Roman calendars in 500 BC, where important dates were written in red ink. Manuscripts from this time included initial captial letters and highlighted words written in red ink.

I never knew that the fancy large red letters that start chapters in some old books I remember reading as kid came from this ancient practice.

I guess that’s all I have to say about that.


  1. Congratulations to Ella! Does Kyla already have her letter? Thanks for learning new stuff and then sharing it. I had a red letter day (not grey and purple). And it was even better because now I know the derivation.

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