107 – Learning Curve

I’ve spent a number of days learning some new things for my work and today, I finally had a break though, and put them all together into a system that works.

It’s been quite a learning curve.  Feels more like the curve in this Droste Effect than a steep linear or exponential curve.

After a short lived moment of personal appreciation of my accomplishment, knowing full well I had left another major part of the work still untouched, I found out that I must finish both parts at the same time.

Thus, another journey on learning curve begins …


  1. I just fell into a wonderful black hole of Droste Effect information. How fascinating. I’ve always been so intrigued with that effect, as well as that other famous Dutchman, M. C. Escher! That you for, once again, expanding my knowledge! Fun!

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  2. Love your learning analogy to recursive art. It’s even a bit more interesting in that the conceptual and the implementation have to be worked together to better the whole.

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