108 – Time well spent

We all make choices about how we spend our time.

I had to run a little out of my way just to snap this picture.

At this time, I had a minimum 15 minutes of travel to get to a 7:30 meeting. Thanks to another unexpected little delay along the way picking up a car, I was extra late.

My day included good work, exercise and meditation, friends, family, healthy dinner and a beautiful performance by my sweet partner and her side project with the Lasses, from the Netherlands.

All good stuff and by the time I got to edit this picture it was after midnight and I didn’t have time to finish a thoughtful post.

So I waited and I prioritized my time in favor of the people I care for and all the love in my life. And now I’m posting this late … and that’s ok with me.

That’s time well spent.

1 Comment

  1. What a full and fruitful day! Love your image of the swirl of time in space. The clock ticking and the sun rising as we each move through time and space trying to make the best of the journey.


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