125 – Happy Cinco de Mayo

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo isn’t very widely celebrated in Mexico nor is it the celebration of Mexican Independence? That day is in September.

Cinco de Mayo was appropriated for a commercial by some imported beer companies in the 80’s.

This day is celebrated by a few to commemorate the underdog victory in an old 19th century Mexican battle against the French.

For me and many others, it has since become a day to buy lots of alcohol and limes and have a party.

I choose soda water instead of beer these days, but I still use limes.

I highly recommend limes. They are delicious.

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  1. Lovely! I like that succulent little drop on the tip of the lime. I knew that Cinco de Mayo 🌮 is no more a big Mexican holiday than St. Patrick’s day☘️ is a big Irish holiday. Guess they’re all excuses for Americans to get drunk and party. 🤪🎉🍷🍻😘

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