129 – The Stairs of Justice Are Steep and Long

Today was my lucky day.

I spent all day in the Jury room only to be selected into the last pool of the day before all 200 or so other potential juriors were released from duty.

I took the stairs to the seventh floor court room and was rewarded with a nice photo opportunity on the sixth floor of the preceding six floors of spiraling stairs.

For some reason, the seventh floor required a separate, small, adjacent flight of stairs up to the top floor where they apparently keep all the good tiny court rooms with super low ceilings. Good for a nice treehouse maybe, but surely not a serious court room.

Anyway, I go back to tiny court in the morning to see if I’m selected to serve on the jury.

I’ll still take the stairs.


  1. Nice picture Chris. It reminds me of my comments to your father about walking around in Tuscany. The law of physics says what goes up must come down. Well in Tuscany it is “if you are walking down a street you will just have to walk back up to return where you began”. Nothing flat here.

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