132 – Salud

As I share this warm and sunny spring day with my partner and her lovely parents and brother and think about my own parents, far away, enjoying an Italian adventure, I want to honor all these wonderful people and show my appreciation for their presence in my life.

And, as we raise a glass to the love and friendship of family here today, I think of all the times when I thought I was saying cheers in Italian, salud, when I was actually butchering the word salute, meaning health and well-being.

The phrase salud, chindon, according to this Italian American Culture Blog, roughly means:

health for a hundred years.

So, I guess salud is not exactly what I thought and it’s also not entirely wrong. I suppose it’s just good know what one is saying, regardless of the language used.

Maybe I’ll leave the Italian for my parents and just say, thank you and cheers to all!

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