137 – You Are What You Eat

It’s amazing to me sometimes to think about how repugnant this beautiful bowl of quinoa with sautéed greens and vegetables would have been to me when I was growing up.

No matter how many times I heard the old wisdom and platitudes about eating, it mattered little to me.

I’m not saying my parents didn’t feed me well, they did. There were times of great abundance of vegetables in the family food supply. I just never developed a taste for them, avacados were for quacamole and chips and quinoa hadn’t come into mainstream use in this country yet.

It was much later into my adulthood that I figured out how to make vegetables play a central role in my diet and became a fan of eating whole foods mostly for the simple reason that, if I am what I eat, I want it to be mostly healthy and often shared.

Thank you to my lovely partner who prepared and shared this delicious meal with me.

Of course, there’s still room for a some gelato and cookies in this body. Let’s not be crazy.

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