150 – The Daily Grind

I’ve recently been enjoying grinding my beans by hand for a pour-over style coffee in the afternoons.

I’ve done this on and off again for many years.  I find it to be a nice ritual to carefully measure the coffee and get the temperature of the water just right before the grounds are slightly wet to produce a beautiful bloom.

I personally love the bloom process almost as much as the final product.  While the procedure is designed to let out any leftover stored CO2 trapped during roasting, the result makes the brew look more like hot chocolate than coffee for a brief period of time.

Good coffee is one of my favorite simple pleasures and it’s a great way for me to turn the daily grind into something special.


  1. You definitely share your love of this ritual with Fred who has always made coffee or tea preparation into a zen meditation or lab concoction. I’ve thought he is either a zen master or a mad scientist!

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