152 – Coffee People

I was listening to an episode of RadioLab today all about the history of the Poison Control hotline in the US.   RadioLab always has fascinating topics to present and the way they mix the audio format I find especially humorous.

During a segment of the show, they were at a store looking at the chemicals in some household cleaners and they looked at DrainO, which includes Sodium Hydroxide.

Sodium Hydroxide seems instantly interesting to them so they do a quick check on Wikipedia and find that it’s used to dissolve tissue.  Apparently, it’s frequently used to clean up roadkill left in landfills and more infamously by the mafia to dispose of corpses by adding a little water and submerging the body in the solution.

They continue on to read:

This eventually turns the body into a liquid with coffee-like appearance …

As they discuss the more nefarious usage, one of the narrators notes that it was used in the TV show Breaking Bad and commented:

So, it turns people into coffee …

Next they pickup Mr. Clean …

A similar scan of the ingredients turned up our friend, Sodium Hydroxide …

That’s when they splice in a brilliant little gem of audio, simply saying:

Coffee people

I’ve listened to it a number of times and it just keeps making me laugh.  I don’t know what this means about me, but I thought I may as well keep with the coffee theme today.

Here you go … Is it coffee?  Is it people?  Is it coffee people?

Anywho:  TGIF!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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