161 – Fleet Week

It’s fleet week, the part of the Rose Festival where big war ships come in and doc on the Portland waterfront for a week.

There are US and Canadian ships here. Both offer tours. The security around the US ships appears tight compared to the more laid back security around the Canadian vessel.

I know there are no simple answers and the geo-politics of the world are complex. Given the news of the day, I found the juxtaposition to be powerful. I don’t know if I expected anything different, but it made me proud of my city to see the Canadians welcomed here at the local level, as opposed to what appears to be a big fight on the national stage. I do pray we can all remain friends in spite of our unfortunate current national representatives.

On the other hand, I did find some time to make some images of this beautiful Lilly we have gracing our kitchen table today.

It’s not all bad out there, folks. Keep a smiling and being kind to each other.

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