208 – Full Buck Moon

We caught the show just in time tonight and what a show it was.

The full moon was visible in all it’s orange and yellow hues the whole time it rose up over the horizon. It seems rare to find a clear night with no clouds obscuring the scene.

Happy to have seen it. May not have got my focus quite on the photos.

Happy to have shared the moment with my partner in any case.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Those are beautiful photos of the blood moon. Unfortunately, when we saw it, it was high in the sky, all tiny and white.

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  2. Wonderful set of photos. It’s interesting the city lights didn’t get in your way. In the southern hemisphere the July full moon is the Ice Moon. It’s winter time down under and unfortuately they’ll send it our way when they tire of it.

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    1. These shots are from the top of Rocky Butte where the only lights to worry about are airplanes.

      Ice moon is a great name. I guess my mother was right when she said “what goes around, comes around”


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