287 – Closed

The truth is, I have struggled to leave my work alone this weekend and the weekend before that …

And the one before that.

After all, I am leaving Sunday for two weeks in Europe and, although I will be working from there for the first week, I’m taking a vacation to adventure around in another old European city I’ve never been to with my sweetheart traveling companion for the second week.

The last thing I want is to be scrambling to get this finished while I’m jet lagged and working Pacific Time hours from the Netherlands.

The work has been fun and the impact is already being praised by my team and later this week our users will see major performance enhancements which I expect should bring lots of smiles.

I’m grateful to report … It’s done enough for now and the laptop is staying closed tonight and I’m reading my book.


  1. Way to go Chris! Nothing like a job well done. The weather has been magnificent this last week. Today we drove up the McKenzie and spent the evening with Andrew in Bend. Now we’re at McMennamins. We’ll see Andrew for lunch and then head home. I LOVE OREGON! But I’m a little jealous of you going to Holland. It is also beautiful in the fall. So is our daughter. Have fun!

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  2. Wishing you another Grand European Adventure. Glad to hear the timing of your trip has worked out well with a major release effort at work. Now the payoff is in sight after all the long, hard hours. Please give our best wishes to Kathryn!

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  3. Hey Chris, have a great trip. The Nederlands will be welcoming I’m sure. I’m wrapping up a big release here at my work, too. I treated myself to seeing an old Italian movie — poor man’s vacation! Cheers!

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