291 – Life Sucking Trees

The New York Times morning briefing today included this interesting explanation for why leaves on deciduous trees produce such dazzling colors this time of year.

The structures of photosynthesis have to be dismantled, and energy is packed up and delivered to the trunk for winter reserves …

The green of the leaf, from chlorophyll, breaks down .. [and] the changes render the leaf unstable and more vulnerable to solar rays …

So, what you are saying is:

Trees are killers.

They suck the life right out of the leaves and let them die.

Unbelievable …

I suppose it does make for some cool visuals though.   You can actually see the green disappearing from the outside in and the colors appear before the leaf simply dies.

The hidden hues that emerge come from the same pigment that colors pumpkins orange and the chemicals that give apples their red.


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