296 – Dordrecht

We took a little walk this afternoon into town to see some sights and enjoy a koffie … or three.

Dordrecht is a small island, surrounded by five water ways and is Holland’s oldest city.

The old town isn’t all that distinct in character except for the Big Church – a.k.a. Our Lady’s Church of Dordrecht.

It’s one of the largest medieval churches in Holland and boasts a 24 meter high clock tower.

You can see it here beyond the gears of this drawbridge.

Inside the church we toured around the chapels along the perimeter where this guy wouldn’t stop staring at us.

Then, up the 200+ tower stairs …

Where we were treated to panoramic views and a close-up of the clock face on all four of the sides.

The town square wasn’t very busy and it’s too cold to sit outside, but it was protected by this old painter.

And a quick selfie on our way out.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve never been to Dordrecht. The close-up of the clock has been added to my list of favorite photos. And the selfies in the shiny balls reminds me of “The Bean” in Chicago. I know you guys are enjoying every moment! Any poffertjes yet?

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