298 – Den Haag Walking

We walked almost 10 miles today thru the city center and out to the beach pier and boardwalk.

Along the way, we stopped at the MC Escher museum and International Peace Palace, as well as some food and coffee establishments.

Aside from the great coffee and wonderful poffertjes, which are like tiny pancakes with butter and powdered sugar on top, what isn’t pictured here is the absolutely delectable Indian Curry dinner we shared after a well-deserved and well-taken afternoon nap.


  1. OMG! A perfect day! Walking, MC Escher, Peace Palace, Scheveningen, coffee with tulip designs, and POFFERTJES! Yay! I LOVE Den Haag and am so glad you have some time there. Are you staying there? THANK YOU for the wonderful photos and for so generously sharing impressions of my fatherland!

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  2. What a grand day to explore! Coffee and poffertjes on a wonderful fall day with just enough coolness to make everything taste twice as good. And then ending up at the beach the Dutch equivalent of Coney Island.


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