299 – Dit Is Jouw Dag

This is your day

Today started with a prediction and ended in fulfillment.

Starting with coffee and this bold message in Den Haag …

How did they know I was to be on my own today??

This afternoon, after traveling to Amsterdam by train, the ladies left to perform a couple of hours away. So, being on my own, naturally, I napped for a couple of hours.

I might have never made it back out if it wasn’t for coffee and the feeling I might be able to get some more good night shots of Amsterdam after the rain.

So go out, I did.

First stop was a sports bar for food and a German football match. Boom

Then I decided to see what was going on at local jazz club, the famous, Alto Club …

It was still closed because it was so early, so I walked about and took a few photos …

Then the club did open and I was there in time to get a premium seat before the place was over run with people in about 10 minutes …

What a great little venue and even better jazz. Dig?

Here’s part of the scene as I left by the number 19 train.


  1. By sharing YOUR day you have made MY day! Thank you so much. I adored the jazz clubs and the night life in my 20’s! What a sweet reminder! These night photos are magical. The moon is almost full for all of us! Enjoy!

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  2. Nice way to spend an evening in Amsterdam! I particularly love the night shots along the canal and your parting photo near the train station. Are all those bikes in the last snap just being stored for the night or are they transport home in the darkness?.

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