302 – Detour, What a Bunch of Bolagna

We expected to land in Venice last night about 4:50pm and we nearly did …

With the ground in sight after a very bumpy decent through thick clouds full of thunder and lightning and wind pushing our EasyJet around like a toy, our captian pulled out of the landing, accelerated and climbed away from the wet Earth, back up into the stormy clouds.

Apparently, it’s safer to fly through lightling than it is to land in high winds. Bravo, I say … Good choice.

We ended up diverting to Bolagna and landed, still in some wind, to great applause by all the passengers. We were all offered an hour long wait to take another hour long bus ride into Venice …

No, thanks!

Instead, we found a reasonablely priced hotel near the train station and spent the night walking in a balmy 63 F with no rain.

We had a lovely dinner near the central Piazza and found an open gelato shop afterwards. The town was still a buzz even after 10pm.

Viva l’Italia!!

Before we left in the afternoon flight, we spent the morning walking in Alkmaar and ended our stay at our favorite coffee shop, De Koffiemolen …

easyJet …

Delay …

Diverted …

Bolagna …


  1. Bolagna is in the region of Emilia-Romagna. It is famous for Parmigiano Reggiano – my all time favorite cheese. It is also where Cristina’s Italian relatives live. Bolagna is said to be a vibrant place with great food. The unexpected can sometimes be a gift.

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