305 – Mestre, Rest and Home Cooking

We are staying on the mainland about 20 mins by bus to the island part of Venice.

It rained a bit today and we decided to check out the neighborhood … A small district called Mestre nearby treated us very well.

First, Casa de Caffé for a capaccino and biscotti.

Then, an unexpectedly beautiful little Piazza with church bells ringing. They were ringing all day, we guessed for the the Catholic holiday of All Souls Day.

And finally, we stumbled on to a small outdoor market and bought some tomatoes and zucchini and cheese and bread.

The size of these loaves of bread was incredible ….

We topped it off with a quick shop in the store were we bought tortellini with pumpkin inside and meatballs.

We stayed inside and made pannini sandwiches for lunch and pasta with homemade red sauce for dinner. We found out later that we actually bought dumplings and not meatballs and the pumpkin pasta might have been a desert of some kind; the filling was like a sweet paste.

We translated the instructions and ended up boiling the dumplings and we are the tortellini with a smile. The whole meal was fun and tasty.

The whole day was restful and lovely.

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