318 – Tightly Wound

Internet service providers shouldn’t cause so much emotional pain and suffering.

I started the day thinking I had found a new service with a simple and cheaper plan.

I ended the day realizing my current provider somehow put me into a 2 year contract 15 months ago.

Its a long story, but I’m pretty sure this happened when they messed up my original order and had to cancel and restart the service with a new account to get me the price I had originally signed on for. I feel decieved, taken advantage of and trapped.

While I am tempted to call them and argue my case and demand I be released from the contract, I am reasonablely certain that it would take a significant amount of time and effort and ultimately fail. At the end of the day I think I probably failed as the consumer to fully understand what I had agreed to way back when I apparently agreed to it.

Now I’m just feeling a bit wound up, just like these little guitar strings.


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