320 – Plants in Space

Succulents have been on my mind lately …

They are supposed be easy to care for and so I got a couple to add a little more life to our space.

Sad story is, that one of them died pretty fast. Likely because I haven’t figured out how much to water it and I left it dry for two weeks.

Happy story is, I still have one left and it is just begging to be replanted in a smaller container that drains well with some nice soil topped by small stones to give it that rugged, “I can grow anywhere” look.

So, I’ve been shopping for little containers lately and I’ve been stymied by the options. Why is making a small decision like this one so difficult?

Anyway, the photo I snapped of the remaining plant looks way better colored by this filter. Makes it look like it’s floating in space.

Maybe it will be if I can’t choose a container and figure how to properly water it.

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