327 – Grateful for the Beautiful Storm

A storm sat upon the Rocky mountains of the Colorado front range all day today.

As soon as I left the house to run, the wind kicked up and carried the cold air directly from the tops of the mountains right across my body as I set out towards the storm.

I quickly turned around and went back home to get a pair of gloves, a hat and another top layer. Now I was ready.

As I topped the ridge at the edge of the nieghborhood, the wind kicked up again.

I watched the storm and as the sun got lower and I warmed up, I ran into the last rays of sunlight.

After the sun sank behind the clouds and I started to return home, the colors came out and turned this big, bad, cold snowstorm into a beautiful sight.

Alas, I was caught again with only my iPhone and this is the best I could do to capture the image of it.


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