357 – Sandbakkels

My first Christmas with my girlfriend’s family started today with cookies and ended with cookies. I must say, this is not a bad deal at all …

I was introduced to several new cookies, including a complete instruction course on making traditional sandbakkels, a Norwegian Christmas cookie.

I have no idea why my own family never introduced me to this recipe, given my family ties to Norway. I can only assume we didn’t have the proper baking instruments.

Here is what I learned:

First, you need some antique molds that came over to the United States on the Mayflower.

Then, after risking your life and limb cutting almonds in half, you place the dough into the molds.

Top with an almond, brush with egg and bake.

The results look something like this …


  1. You have had these. Your grandmother and great grandmother made them. We stopped going back to Minnesota after Peter was born. We were afraid that we might get stuck in a snow storm either going or coming back. With three young ones that wouldn’t have been good! We did get stuck in Iowa one year before you were born. That always stuck in our minds. The recipe is in your grandmothers cookbook.

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  2. Wonderful Christmas Eve post. Your grandmother and great grandmother would bake lots of Norwegian cookies for Christmas. I remember the fattingmann, kringla, krumkake and rosette cookies. But I don’t think they ever made sandbakkkel cookies. They look very tasty and delicious and topped off perfectly with an almond. Got to love Christmas traditions especially when it’s eatable!

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