This site is dedicated to sharing my photography practice, inspired by the 365 day photo challenge format.  I followed the prompts at CaptureYour365.com starting in 2016.  I almost finished it when my life got in the way.  I’m trying again, but here, there are no outside prompts I’m following, just my life and my ideas.  Sometimes I may use a prompt from another source if I’m feeling uninspired by my own ideas.  It happens.

I’m excited to be using a blog format to provide a little more space for sharing my thoughts on the day or about the photo I’m posting.  Sometimes the two will overlap, sometimes, maybe not.  I’ll try to keep it brief.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

About Me

My name is Chris Sturm.  I live in Portland, Oregon.  I’m the father of two beautiful teenage girls.  I develop software for a living and enjoy daily meditation, photography and jazz guitar practices.   I live an intentionally sober life and I work to create and maintain healthy habits for my mind, body and spirit.  This is one of them.

All images © 2018 Christopher Sturm